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As with any dramatic change in society there are winners and losers, Covid-19 is no different, the physical, operational and societal changes that this has had and will have going forward will clearly highlight those organisations who can adapt and change in a rapid and organised manner and those that can't who as a result will ultimately suffer the true cost of this situation and fail to survive.

Let's not pretend that for some companies there is just no way out but for many there are and not only do they need to be fast of thought and action they also need advisors that can provide the same like minded approach.

Below is an example of how we have achieved this for a client during the Covid-19 pandemic:

The Southern Dumpling


It all started from a home-made cream tea to some friends and someone phoning back and saying I have four orders for you, what do you want to do about them!

Starting from Scratch

Many people have an idea and or a skill which makes them naturally gifted in an area, however as is so often with start ups the fear of all the unknowns, how do I:

  • Do my accounts?
  • Create a website?
  • How do I get online orders?
  • How do I set up payments systems?
  • How do I reach my customers?
  • What rules and regulations do I have to follow to be legal and compliant?

Means they either never get started or they do but the lack of knowledge or understanding on how all these things can come together mean you start down the wrong path.

The Solutions

You implement a Xero accounts system, easy and straight forward to set up.

You get a Business Systems Analyst & Solutions Architect to sort out a website and online ordering system.

You sort out a PayPal account.

You research on Google for setting up your type of business and find the government links to what regulations you need to adhere to.

You set up a Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram etc

How good would it be if you could find a company that has the in house skills to cover Accounts, Business Systems, Company set up and Business management advice so that all those elements tie together in the first instance.

Well ARM can and do!

Laura, Sole Owner of The Southern Dumpling "I went from an idea to a fully functioning business in two weeks, I would never have been able to do this on my own or have the confidence to know that I was doing things right or in the best way, ARM's overall business experience and skills meant they were able to not only guide me in my thinking, but set my business up in such a way that the admin burden is minimal and is totally scalable if and when required" for orders, or on Instagram or Facebook

Published on 11th Jun 2020

Rachel Ayres

Joining the team in 2015, Rachel specialises in business compliance and processes, company secretarial and contractual services.

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